Bring yoga & meditation to your workplace to help your employees improve health and well being, relieve stress, enhance creativity, increase performance and clarity. Those who practice meditation, research has demonstrated, are happier and calmer, so it’s no surprise that many high-stress businesses have implemented yoga and meditation. With clarity, calmer bodies, and a sharpened state of consciousness, professionals can make decisions and act from a place of balance and heightened awareness. With regular sessions, participants are introduced to mindfulness meditation and instructed on how to build a personal meditation practice that is accessible anytime, anywhere.


What does the Corporate Program consist of?

  • Ashleigh will provide her 500 HR certified teacher experience at your place of business to instruct a 60-minute yoga or meditation class.

  • Your company will need to provide a quiet space with as little distraction as possible. A conference/meeting room is often a good location and the tables and chairs will need to be moved aside for a yoga class.

Program Benefits:

  • Physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Enhanced clarity and equanimity.

  • Corporate team camaraderie.

  • Increased performance and creativity.



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