Artist, dōTERRA wellness advocate, meditation instructor, yoga guide and future Doctorate of Psychology - Ashleigh has practiced yoga for 17 years, is a 500HR certified Strala Yoga instructor and has been guiding yoga and meditation in groups, privately and on retreat since 2014.

Ashleigh shares a system of meditation accessible to everyone regardless of experience or background. She loves to explore the psychological and neurological understandings of meditation. She is an advocate for physical, mental and emotional health and wellness and has a passion for sharing natural solutions. Lover of essential oils, Ashleigh's mission is to bring essential oils to as many households as possible and empower others and the team of women she partners with, to integrate and partner with the oils for emotional, spiritual and physical healing and support.

Discover a practice that is a spectacular experience of yoga, meditation and play. 


Ashleigh's creates a relaxed and flowing environment which helps to create somatic awareness and space through both sitting and moving meditation. 

The results through meditation are sensory Clarity, connection and Equanimity. 

“Ashleigh has a deep passion for spirituality and enlightenment. She combines her knowledge and technique, with the natural universal flow infused with playfulness which makes yoga and meditation with Ashleigh both a spiritual journey, as well as a relaxing and fun experience. I would highly recommend Ashleigh to anyone seeking to expand their soul and journey to a higher level.”

-Moushumi Ghose, sex therapist, author, creator of the docu-series Temples and Brothels

”I was thrilled to have Ashleigh, come to my home for a private meditation. It was only through this experience I was able to truly connect in a way I never had before. Her guidance, and energy allowed me to be in the moment fully without distraction. Trusting her and the process I was able to go beyond my own expectations.”

-Latoyia Monlyn-Mathieu, Apparel Designer

”Although I’ve always been interested in learning more about meditation, I wasn’t so sure as to how to go about it. Ashleigh had such amazing way of walking me through the process. It really centered me and made me realize the inner force that we all have, we just need to connect to it.”

-Helen Ly, Consultant

”Ashleigh expertly geared the meditation towards my experience level.
Being able to focus on my busy mind enabled me to relax and start to recognize what was going on with my body. That kind of mindfulness allowed me to return to work with a renewed sense of love and positive energy.”

-Karamvir Bhatti, Assistant Program Director for SONYC After School

”Ashleigh’s magnificent light makes practicing meditation a truly powerful experience for me. I’ve had resistance in the past, but I’m feeling more confident and clear in my mindfulness practice with every session.”

-Desiree Jordan, Singer and Grants Consultant

”Ashleigh has been a godsend for my meditation practice! I have always wanted to incorporate meditation into my everyday life and started by going to community meditation classes and pod casting meditations from youtube. But something was always missing - a personal, understanding, guiding touch! Ashleigh has given that to me through our phone meditations! She has guided me to better feel and understand my body and connect with it!”
-Anastasia Vener, Lawyer