Ashleigh aims to share lightness, there to serve as a gentle reminder of what people carry inside of them. There is an ease and awareness we all have access to.

Ashleigh will guide you into classes that create a flow state designed to tap you into your creative intuition. This leaves you energized, elevated and at ease. It is a way of being and a way of moving that connects you to how you feel, move how you feel, and handle challenges with ease.


softness is a superpower

Ashleigh guides students to provoke their relaxation response through softening, moving gently and exploring right where they are. Everything we need is already within, yoga and meditation are tools to gain a deeper understanding, awareness and connection to the mind, body and spirit.

The structure Ashleigh brings is breath/body clarity and awareness. She guides a movement system that ignites freedom and gives a radiant experience.

Each class is about the individual and she encourages people to challenge themselves but never to push, which results in doing more with less effort. There is encouragement of exploration, curiosity and a fun expansive feeling.

It is about natural movement from the inside out. Every inhale lifts, opens, expands, and creates space. Every exhale moves you further along, softens, settles, and leads you into that new space. That feeling of lifting and softening, moving further along, going somewhere is exciting and energizing.

Guiding with the breath allows the experience of feeling supported and lifted. Her use of touch is a support to the students in the class and her main priority is connecting to the people in the space and guiding the process.

All of her classes move slowly and continuously, guided with deep breaths and easygoing movement from your middle. A moving flow is produced and designed to relax the body and mind, build awareness, and prepare you to move with ease, creating a refreshed and energized state. The stronger classes will build on strength, balance and flexibility, leaving you in a centered, invigorated state while dropping tension.

Classes welcome long-time yoga practitioners next to beginners, and everybody gets to move easily from right where they are.